Who We Are

Our executive team brings over 20 years of professional cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting experience from many industries. Having worked with major International Hotel Chains and Healthcare facilities, CleanPHD now applies the same rigorous methodology and standards to our programs. We teach the importance of efficiently cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting that meet and exceed guest / client expectations.

Professional Training & Core Values

Our programs are designed to help to help indivuals and businesses build a strong foundation of cleanliness standards. Through online programs and in-person training we work with all our clients to understand their specific needs to deliver materials that help them provide a better clean to guests / clients. We are guided by our core values in everything we do which are as follows;


We work with those committed to providing guests / clients with the cleanest spaces possible.


We will only design programs and tools which save time, increase safety and improve cleanliness.


We work with those that embrace our program to the fullest and uphold cleanliness standards.


Implementation of our standards will help create a more effective / efficient cleaning routine.