Cleaning Certification for Property Owners, Housekeepers & Cleaning Companies.

Hospitality cleaning requires more attention to detail then a regular clean. CleanPHD teaches industry recognized, procedures and guidelines that ensure a higher level of clean, sanitation and disinfection are met. Through online education and testing, CleanPHD certifies those that demonstrate a strong understanding of these best practices and a commitment to providing a higher level of cleanliness.


Who is this course for?

Property Owners using popular platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway looking to reduce cleaning time / fees and increase positive guest reviews.

Housekeepers looking to implement a cleaning standard for their property, train their staff on effective cleaning habits and reduce time spent cleaning rooms and common areas.

Cleaning Companies seeking 3rd party accreditation for their business as well as educating their cleaners on industry best practices and cleaning habits.

Why is this course needed?

Cleaning for the public is different than cleaning for yourself.

With so many personal preferences of what to clean, how to clean, and what cleaners to use often deliver poor results or more time / money spent then needed.

Did you know that all disinfectant cleaners require contact time to work? This can be as long as 10 minutes depending on the cleaner you choose to use.

CleanPHD provides clarity, professional expertise from over 20 years of hands on experience and delivers better cleanliness results for those that implement our teachings.



Our programs will teach and certify you on cleaning procedures, standards, and guidelines used by top brands around the world.


Once certified, you'll be provided CleanPHD accreditation which you can use to promote your commitment to cleanliness and expertise.


Access resources and support from CleanPHD to help you grow your business reputation with existing and new guests/clients.

Increase Positive Guest Reviews

Implementing cleanliness standards like those taught in our programs has shown to increase positive guest reviews by 65%.


" Implementing what I learned in this course for my property has not only delivered better results but saved us money! "

-Shawn T.

" We use to spend over 4 hours cleaning our property after each guest. This course showed us how to save 1.5 hours. "

-Carrie P.

" Our guest satisfaction score was okay but after rolling out what I learned there was a noticeable improvement. Tks!! "

-Beth S.

" This course provides hosts like myself peace of mind that every cleaning is done to a professional standard. "

-Michael S.

" This course has helped my business, significantly to stand out above the rest and increase my customer base. "

-Alyssa L.

" This course heightens the level of expectations ensuring a positive guest experience, every time. "

-Michael W.

Save Time & Money

Our program teaches you how to clean a space faster and better. Avoid tasks that aren't noticed by guests / clients and ensure only the best impressions are made.


How long does it take to complete the program?

Most can complete the training within 8 hours. Our platforms allows you to start and stop making it easier to fit into your schedule.

Once I complete the test, will I receive a certificate?

Yes, all those that pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher will be issued a digital certificate and badge in a printable PDF.

I've been cleaning for years, what could you possibly teach me?

Understanding how recognized, successful brands clean is valuable knowledge for any professional to learn and borrow from.

If I don't understand something can I get help from someone?

Yes, once you purchase a CleanPHD program you will be contacted by a representative to ensure you have access to support when you need it.

What resources will I have access to with the program?

The CleanPHD program offers a wealth of resources to aid in implementing the program for your property or business once you have earned certification. These resources include detailed, step by step, procedures, checklists, and cleaning receipts templates and more.

I use cleaners for my property, how can this help me?

As a property manager or owner our program will teach you how to identify and communicate your expectations around cleaning effectively to your cleaners and create a cleaning plan for them. We'll educate you on cleaners to use and the time required to clean your space.

Earn More Per Guest/Client

CleanPHD certification helps you earn more by promoting your commitment to cleanliness and setting you apart from competitors.


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